About Us:

Sometime in early spring, a few years ago, we took a rare trip away from home and traveled up Hwy 395 toward Bishop. As usual we spent extra time talking about building our dream while we were driving. We still wanted to find a location to provide a place for social interaction and provide our son and others like him the ability to build their own special memories. This trip was supposed to give us a respite from our hectic lives and not for spending time dreaming, just relaxing, but of course that never happens.

As we drove through Big Pine we passed a sign on the highway that said “County Animal Shelter”. Since we had been looking for a small dog for our son, we made a quick U turn and went back. We turned off 395 and drove to the animal shelter to find we were ˝ hour early. As we stepped out of our car we noticed a series of buildings and began walking around the parking lot, looking at the buildings adjacent to the shelter.

Once we began looking a little closer we discovered that the buildings were wheelchair ramped at every doorway. A closer inspection found that there were hospital beds in every room and many other pieces of medical equipment strewn throughout the building.

My eyes began to well with tears and goose bumps and chills covered my arms and neck. What had we discovered? We believe we were sent to find this property. There was no other explanation. The Lord was truly working a miracle in our lives. This was the property we had been dreaming of for so long.

Since that day we have visited the Big Pine Care Center numerous times and have created a plan to turn the property into a facility to accommodate the disabled and their families. Our business plan has been submitted to the County of Inyo and we are awaiting their decision.

With help, the Big Pine Care Center will become the Rolling Q Ranch. Our plan is to turn the ranch into a retreat and event facility available to all organizations that have members with disabilities. Young and old alike can take advantage of the facility and experience the awesome countryside and the benefits of the facility we are planning. Rolling Q Ranch will also benefit the local community by providing jobs, increase tourism and improve the local economy by creating a location to promote civic events.

We hope that you will join in our dream by providing your moral support to see the dream come true. We know there is one young man that will thank you for your help.

If you are a Big Pine or Inyo County resident and would like to voice your support for our dream, you will help pave the way by sending a letter to your local County Supervisor expressing just that.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the planning and implementation through volun-teerism or fund raising, please contact us by calling (760) 938-2728 or (760) 937-2038 or writing to qualityoflife@qola-inc.org. Your support is more than welcomed it is greatly needed to see this project through to completion.

This project is sponsored by Q.O.L.A. Inc., a family based organization. The Quality of Life Association is a Non-profit Charitable Organization, established in 1995. Q.O.L.A.’s Mission: “ An association dedicated to the assistance of the physically challenged, that gives those individuals the ability to experience the Quality of Life most of us take for granted”.