Rolling Q Ranch

The Quality of Life Association has been working with Inyo County to acquire the facility known as the Big Pines Care Center for the purpose of using the property as a Camp facility for the disabled. There are many camping facilities in California, however, few if any have the unique characteristics of the Big Pine property.
  • Wheel chair access to all structures and rooms
  • Large rooms for meals and activities
  • Accessible grounds for the wheelchair bound
  • Full service kitchen facility
  • Healthy atmosphere in beautiful surroundings
Many disabled children look forward to going to camp each year as the high point of their lives. When they become adults over the age of 21, these organizations that normally sponsored them will no longer do so. These young adults are pushed into society to fend for themselves but disabled adults need as much or more assistance and consideration than children in many cases.

Q.O.L.A.ís goal is to create a place where adults as well as children can find a release from their every day confines and enjoy themselves. The facility will provide a safe location away from major highways and intersections and yet accessible to State Highway 395 a few hundred yards away.

The facility is centrally located in the Owens River Valley in California to accommodate Northern and Central California as well as Nevada and Arizona. Making the location a nice retreat from the city a few hours from home anywhere you may live.

The facility will be called the Rolling Q Ranch and hopefully will accommodate many happy visitors with any disability, from the minimally disabled to the severe. There is no specific determination for the type of disability or affliction. If the visitor is healthy enough to take advantage of the out of doors and is capable of accessing the facility alone or with help they will be welcomed. Groups will be accommodated for weekends or weekly visits. All accommodations will include meals. Special diets can be provided with adequate arrangements prior to the visitor's stay. The goal is to create a place for the disabled and their families to find a respite from their everyday lives.

For more information regarding fundraising or donations or if you are interested in volunteering please contact Q.O.L.A. at (760) 938-2728 or write to qualityoflife@qola-inc.org.

For information on disability resources in California visit the Family Village Community Center for California Disability Services website at www.familyvillage.wisc.edu.